Top Reasons Why Nearly All Modern Kitchens and Bathrooms Have Granite

Walk into any modern kitchen or bathroom and the first thing you will see is a granite countertop. You may wonder why this is the case given that there are countless materials to choose for kitchen and bathroom countertops. One of the reasons why granite countertops
by are highly preferred is because they make a home a more welcoming place for both family members and visitors. Read on to understand why everyone is opting for countertops made of granite. 

1.Unique Look

One good thing about these countertops is that they can take your kitchen from boring to fun without necessarily compromising the original functionality of the room. Granite slabs are unique because the stones are mined underground. This means that the natural beauty of this stone cannot be duplicated in any way, and therefore your counters will be truly special. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that match with your home’s decor. 


Granite is a naturally-occurring hard stone, which can last for many several years. So, if you want bathroom or kitchen countertops that are going to serve you for the next several years, then granite is your perfect choice. In fact, this durable stone is ideal for places that experience frequent use, such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

3.Adds Great Value to Your Home

If you choose to install granite countertops in either your kitchen or washroom, you are definitively increasing the value of your house. Most of the home buyers usually admire the luxurious feel that granite adds. So, if you decide to sell your house in future, it is likely to fetch a good market price. 

4.Granite is Flat and Resistant to Scratches

These countertops offer a flat surface, which makes it easy to work on. And because it is a natural hard stone, it is resistant to scratches. So if you have children who love helping in the kitchen and are prone to spilling, no damage is going to occur to your countertops . Also, the claws of your pets cannot scratch the surface. 

5.Easy to Clean

Another great benefit of these countertops is that they are very easy to clean. To maintain the beauty of your countertop , you only need to acquire a granite cleaner that is specifically meant for cleaning natural stone. Its surface is not only resistant to stain but also doesn’t absorb liquids, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. 


In order to conform to the modern lifestyle, you should consider installing granite countertops into your kitchen and bathroom. This is not only going to enhance the look of your house but is also going to increase the value of your entire home. Although you may be forced to dig a bit deeper into your pockets in order to afford these products, you are definitely going to get the value for your money. When shopping around for these granite countertops Melbourne Fl , make sure you order from established outlets to avoid buying counterfeits. You should always buy from renowned dealers, either locally or online